Importance of Surveys During Each Stage of a Project

Published on Tue, 11/24/2020 - 12:48
surveying equipment in use

Surveys are a must for infrastructure and development projects, and it's important to have a surveyor on the team for all stages of a project. During planning, surveys are used to determine the feasibility of the project. Then, during the design phase, surveys provide the basis for an accurate design and identify any potential roadblocks, keeping the project on track; during the construction phase for accurately locating project features; and during the post-construction phase by documenting the finished project. Let's take a more in-depth look at why surveys are important throughout the process.


Design and Pre-Construction Surveys

During the design, planning, and pre-construction time of a project, surveys provide project managers and owners important data. From site and boundary analysis to topographic surveys, plats, and maps, the surveys conducted here help take a project from conception to reality.

In the development and design process, land surveyors provide all the information needed to understand the land, and, most importantly, they help the team determine whether the site is usable for the intended purposes. The data included from this survey process include topographic measurements, utility overviews, conditions of sidewalks, streets, or other elements, and more.

Having experienced, high-quality surveyors during the initial stages of your planning and development will help ensure your project starts off right and stays that way.

Construction Surveys

Surveys during the construction stage help to keep the project going on-budget and on-time. Surveyors layout project features and components in accordance with the plans and design documents to ensure construction accuracy and compliance with design documents.

Post-Construction Surveys

Final surveys after the project is complete offer several benefits. First, a final survey, sometimes called an "as-built survey," is conducted to evaluate the finished project compared to the initial plans, while also documenting the final project for the owner and regulatory agencies’ records. The surveyor can also look for and document any damage that may have occurred during the construction stage.

Finding a Land Surveyor for Your Construction Project

An experienced engineering firm like T-O Engineers offers the experience, equipment, and dedicated team to take on any of your projects and be there through every stage of the project. Our survey team includes experienced professional land surveyors, technicians, and design professionals, we can address any of your surveying needs during planning, design, construction, and project closeout. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.