Transportation Survey for Future West Plains Connection

Published on Mon, 07/13/2020 - 14:43
West Plains Connection

T-O Engineers is proud to be a part of the West Plains Connection: 6th/10th/12th Multimodal Corridor Improvement Project. This project is focused on strengthening Airway Heights’ and Spokane’s economies. The extension of this corridor will create land-use growth opportunities within both cities and reduce traffic congestion along U.S. Route 2, benefitting residents, employers, and visitors. The project will establish a safe corridor to improve pedestrian and bicycle activities for commuting and recreating, as well as to provide convenient access to STA transit. Finally, this route will diversify travel choices throughout the area of the West Plains, allowing improved emergency response times and the quality of travel for those within the region. Project planning is underway, and the public is encouraged to participate in shaping the future of this community project.

We are looking to the public to take our transportation survey & help shape the future of this roadway planning project!