Women In Transportation Awards T-O Engineers Employer of the Year

Published on Tue, 03/06/2018 - 16:07
Group Photo

The Southwest Idaho Chapter of Women In Transportation (WTS) awarded T-O Engineers 2017 Employer of the Year at their Awards Gala in February. T-O Engineers was recognized as a business in the SW Idaho region for its support of the goals and purpose of WTS.  Below is an excerpt from the WTS gala and its recognition of T-O Engineers.

T-O supports the professional growth of its employees through education, professional organizations – like WTS – and other professional development opportunities. WTS described this award as honoring an organization “for recruiting, retaining, and advancing women”.  T-O Engineers had proven succeeded in this by looking within and organically establishing a place where women feel empowered to grow, learn, and succeed as team members, individuals and woman in thriving transportation careers. T-O strives for equality in the workplace daily and has led this effort by creating ‘T-O Women Succeed’ an internal women’s group which focuses on investing in women to grow within their career and within their life. 
After more than 30 years in business, T-O Engineers is much more than just a place to work – it is a place to grow and succeed as a professional. T-O Engineers strive for equality in the workplace daily by encouraging and supporting each woman at T-O. With strong community involvement and desire to empower women in transportation, T-O has become a leader paving the way for continued success through its vision, opportunities, and integrity.