John Boyd, PE

Process Engineer
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  • PE in Idaho
  • PE in Maryland
  • PE in Texas
  • MS, Water Resources Engineering, University of Idaho
  • BS, Biological & Agricultural Engineering, University of Idaho

John’s interest in water and engineering began as a small boy helping irrigate his dad’s garden and fields on his grandparents’ farm.  He started as an undergraduate at the University of Idaho studying biological and agricultural engineering as well as Spanish.  He went on to spend a lot of time wading around mountain streams throughout Idaho researching sediment transport, which earned him a master’s degree in water resources engineering.  John then worked for a precious metals mining company in environmental compliance and milling operations before joining T-O in 2015.  As a wastewater process engineer at T-O, John designs systems to transform wastewater and its constituents back into useful and/or harmless products, such as clean reusable water and fertilizer. 

As part of the T-O team, John has participated in and managed projects ranging from municipal drinking water treatment, to industrial wastewater treatment and resource recovery, to design and optimization of aquaculture facilities. John is fascinated by trying to figure out solutions to unique challenges facing clients and believes there is value in any experience that can be applied to future opportunities. Besides engineering projects, John is typically involved in several projects at a time in the non-profit sector through participation on multiple boards for Basque cultural organizations. When not working you can probably find John trying to ferment some sort of food or drink or behind an accordion at a Basque festival somewhere in the western U.S.