John Huber, LSI

Staff Surveyor
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  • BS, Technology Management, Utah Valley University

John has been in the civil industry for many years. He loves the ability to take survey information and put it in the computer and have a deliverable that matches what the client wants. With his love of maps and the outdoors, surveying is a natural fit for him. John is not only a part of the surveying team, but he is also the CADD Manger at T-O. With his love of surveying and maps, he now gets to be on the front end of the CADD world by creating and maintaining CADD practices, templates and shortcuts that are utilized in all aspects of T-O. You will often find him with his family, on little weekend trips out enjoying the beauties of Idaho and “running across” survey monuments and explaining what they represent to his family and those that are with him. John loves the outdoors and the wonderful opportunities that Idaho has for him and his family to get out and be together.