Micah Rasmussen

Staff Engineer
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  • BS, Civil Engineering - Utah State University

Micah was always interested in aviation as a kid and dreamed of being a pilot. He was quickly convinced, however, that something in the STEM field would be more stable and family friendly. While studying at Utah State University’s engineering department, he considered different fields of engineering before landing on civil engineering. Initially interested in structures and hydraulics, Micah started looking for summer internships to explore this career choice. In February 2018, Micah volunteered as a student host at his university’s STEM career fair. There he was introduced to aviation engineering by Jeremy McAlister, who was recruiting for GDA at the time. Micah did not know at the time how pivotal that meeting was at the time. In the summer of 2019, Micah worked for T-O Engineers as an intern in the Heber City office, gaining much more valuable skills and experience than what he ever gained so far at school. After finally graduating from Utah State University, Micah started his career with T-O Engineers. He is thrilled that he found a way to combine his love for aviation and engineering. Micah still hopes to become a pilot one day and looks forward to all the opportunities ahead.